Friday, October 26, 2007

NFL, London and gambling

For a league that won't allow promos for the TV show "Las Vegas" during Sunday Night Football (and was the reason for the show's move to Friday) it is a big step to play in a city where bookmakers will be taking bets on the game.
Las Vegas Review Journal:
Las Vegas Sun:

Colbert the frontrunner by November?

from Editor & Publisher:

Bon Jovi Reviews

The Record (NJ) -
NY Daily News -

NY Times-

Las Vegas Marlins? San Antonio Marlins?

Could be. The team faces an uncertain future with a December 13th deadline looming.

Bon Jovi Lost Highway World Tour

from USA Today:

Press Release:

from - Opening night set list:

Prudential Center - Newark, NJ - 10/25/07

Stern the King of Satellite's%20the%20heavyweight%20of%20satellite

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Det. John Munch - Record Setter

from TV Series Finale: Belzer's character has been on eight shows spanning four networks.

A must have for any TV fan

article from TV Barn -
I've got my copy already.

Dolphins on the way to 0-16?

The only modern-era team to go undefeated, could be the first to go winless in a 16 game season. (Tampa Bay did it as an expansion team in a 14 game season.)

He thought he won $1.6 Million

He was a millionaire for about an hour. He ended up with $385 and a few free meals. I hope they were good meals. From -

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wondering what happened to VH1?

Ask "Mr. Bad Taste." He made it relevant. And a whole lot of money.

Vegas: Sox favored to win series

It pays to be a sportswriter

From Keith J. Kelly's Media Ink column in the NY Post.

WPLG/Miami reporter arrested

concealed weapon at a school-

Great Seinfeld article

from the NY Times -

Prison Break spinoff

Considering the original went from mini-series tto a show now comparitively floundering in its third season, I'd say they're really trying to milk this dry. Or get enough episodes for syndication.

Brit could have a #1 CD?

Despite all of her troubles...

Even Entertainment Weekly likes "Blackout.",,20153719,00.html?xid=rss-yahoogadget-todayslatest-20071024-Review%3A+Britney+Spears%27+new+album%2E%2E%2Eis+hot%21

Thursday, October 18, 2007

New TV season looking for hits... and stars

No huge buzz this fall:

Dear NBC: Sometimes, more is less

From the Boston Globe:

Free furniture if Red Sox win World Series

from Freakonomics Blog at

The insurance company is one Indians win away from not having to pay out.

Torre turns down Yanks

It appears to be the end of the Joe Torre era with the Yankees.

Updated with reaction and commentary:

Viva Laughlin

3 star review from NY Post:

James Poniewozik, writing on likes the idea; the show, not so much.

Great stuff as always.

Dan Patrick joins Sports Illustrated and

Jimmy Kimmel banned from Monday Night Football:

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mid-season on FOX

Alan Sepinwall blogs:

from Variety:

Brian Williams to host SNL

NBC Nightly News anchor will be live from New York on November 3.

Nickelback's "Reasons" CD

6 Million Sold. USA Today reports:


If you don't know the name yet, you will soon.

CNBC's Sports Biz

Darren Rovell blogs:

Are the Colorado Rockies the biggest sports underdog ever?

Tiger Woods will have his own "branded" Gatorade.

TBS Baseball Ratings

Bad sign when the Chick-Fil-A Bowl has higher ratings than the League Championship Series.

Could be some traffic in Denver

On October 29th. A potential World Series game 5 AND Monday Night Football. I'll be praisinging the inventor of picture-in-picture television.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A victory for Fantasy Sports companies and players

from USA Today:

more from

Coming to CD/DVD in November

from Billboard:

Live Earth Concert

U2's The Joshua Tree (remastered, with rarities and a 1987 concert)

Friday is the new Saturday

Tom Jicha blogs:

Spice Girls CD available at Victoria's Secret?

Press Release:

A Super Bowl in London?

The Commish thinks it should be considered.

I saw and heard the outcry of Dolphins fans when they found out they'd be losing a home game with it being moved to London. And that team has turned out to be a train wreck. While most tickets go to corporate types, it sure does make it tough for a fan who'll not only have the expense (especially with the weak dollar) but a need for a passport, and depending on the market, a couple of connecting flights.

Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld

Great show on FOX News... airs at 2am ET/11pm PT.

Greg's "The Daily Gut" site:

On of my favorite guests- the very funny and gorgeous Alison Rosen.

Britney Booked

In L.A. on hit and run charges.


Rockies heading to the World Series.,1,1526559.story

I've been buying into the whole "team of destiny" thing for a while now.

Monday, October 15, 2007

This week on DVD


Returning to radio on Citadel's WABC.

Hoping for a TV return as well.

How to calculate musical sellouts

Some sort of "Moby factor" involved...
I think the thesis is Kelly Clarkson being a sellout is okay; If you are an "outsider" or have a musical lineage that doesn't include "American Idol," licensing is bad.

Breakfast at Hardee's

I wonder if they offer a complimentary angioplasty with purchase?,0,3686051.story

Could the Dolphins go 0-16?

The Miami Herald's Greg Cote thinks so.

TMZ on TV a hit

from the NY Times:

FOX Business Network signs on

Marc Cohn

Singer/songwriter of one of my favorite songs of all time, "Walking in Memphis," bounces back from being shot in the head to release a new CD.
He's also married to ABC News' Elizabeth Vargas, so life is good.

Leno upset with NBC and his planned exit in 2009

from LA Times:,1,3929945,full.story

Las Vegas' Finest Buffets

from via USA Today:

great weekend brunch: Verandah Cafe in The Four Seasons, which is in the Mandalay Bay hotel tower.

Returning TV Series Offer Schedule Stability

from Mediaweek:

And you thought Vinny Testaverde was too old

How about a 59 year old grandfather at linebacker?

The Dolphins could use him...

Is the "Latte Era' over?

No more splurging on $5 coffee?

Led Zep Catalog going digital

on November 13th. Press Release:

NY Times Article:

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Friday, October 12, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith to be exhumed?


I'm sure Howard K. Stern will be there, camera in hand.

Britney's new CD

track by track, from MTV:

Runnin' Down A Dream

The Tom Petty documentary is not the only musically themed film coming to a screen near you.

After winning Nobel Prize, will Gore run for Prez?

or just use the Nobel as a coaster for his Oscar?

Vegas Watch

Cool blog. ALCS Game 1 Primer and week in links:

More Sports Media Coverage

from Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald. Includes the Florida Marlins moving their flagship station from WQAM to 790 The Ticket.

John Maffei Sports Media Column

He's had enough of the "Frank TV" promos on TBS.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Norah O'Donnell of MSNBC - missing Teleprompter

from The Huffington Post:

Deal Or No Deal... like working in a sweatshop

from Defamer:

Joe Paterno's Road Rage

Vinny Testaverde could start at QB Sunday

for Carolina. Out of the NFL until Wednesday, the 57 year old may take the reins against Arizona, with Jake Delhomme out for the year, and backup David Carr injured last Sunday at New Orleans.

"Reality Show" by Howard Kurtz's James Poniewozik opines... once he figures out "how to turn the book on."

Suzyn Waldman: Why I cried on Yanks Postgame,0,7814119,full.story

Women's Murder Club review

Aaron Barnhart loves it- he just wants ABC to move its time slot. Pronto.

Wednesday's most watched show was...

Criminal Minds?

ABC takes the night, however.

Madonna nears $120 mil deal

with Live Nation. Deal would cover three CDs, promotion of tours, merchandising and licensing of her name.

"Samantha Who?" debuts Monday on ABC


Fans in Phoenix underwhelmed by Diamondbacks

After a summer where the average temperature in Phoenix was approximately 130, I think the heat stroke may not wear off 'til Christmas.

An (Off) Season of change for the Yankees

Ticketmaster's most popular events

from the third quarter of 2007:,+12:30+PM

The Password is... Regis

In Primetime, on CBS... for $1 million.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bruce: Magic @ #1

his eighth chart topper with sales of 335,000.

Green Room Chatter


Interesting site about final episodes of your favorite shows.

This article details new roles for actors from recently departed series.

MGM Plans $5 Billion Resort in Atlantic City

Related: The mayor, Robert Levy, who was MIA, has resurfaced and resigned.,2933,300676,00.html

Most Time-shifted Shows

Burning up the DVRs for the week of Sept 17-23, from

What happened to your favorite show?

You're thinking, "________used to be great." Where did things go wrong?
The great Tim Goodman of The San Francisco Chronicle answers.

Joe Buck's sidekick an Ethiopian cabbie

from USA Today:

Best quote, from Buck: "He'll be Paul Shaffer to my Joan Rivers."

And we all know how well Joan's late night show did on FOX.
And I'm also not sure about a guy in his 30s comparing himself to an elderly woman who is addicted to plastic surgery.

Shifting CD Release Dates

Brit must need to make the child support payments- her CD's been pushed up two weeks.

The Daily Scoop

Baseball news from's Jon Heyman.

A weekend in the life of an NFL ref

from USA Today:

had this been about NBA refs, it might have included the impending indictments,

No new runaway TV hits this fall...

and for some shows, the clock is already ticking.

FOX's "Nashville" was the first show yanked- even before some shows debuted. Which one is next? CBS' "Cane," NBC's "Journeyman," ABC's "Cavemen" and "Carpoolers" are all on my shortlist.

Esquire Mag: Charlize Theron "Sexiest Woman"

When it came down to her and Bea Arthur, my money was on Charlize.

CNN's Rick Sanchez "fighting for the little guy"

and lobbying for his own show all the while.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

30 days for 24's Jack Bauer

Kiefer Sutherland could face six months in jail for violating probation.

Rock is alive in the Garden State

Bruce and Bon Jovi in concert:

If you're going to see Bon Jovi at the new Prudential Center in Newark, public transportation is suggested.

More groups giving away their music

Following the lead of Radiohead.

Good idea, but come on, Jamiroquai? Quarterflash not available? Seriously, love "Harden My Heart."

FX's Damages

Are the ratings there for a second season?

FX will be embarrassed if Glenn Close gets an Emmy and the show is cancelled.

VH1 "Rock Of Love 2" Shocker

More Bret!

CNBC reports the bandana industry stocks are through the roof.

Could Tony La Russa be up next for Yankees?

I think that would end his experimenting with batting the Pitcher eighth as he did in the second half this year. (I'm guessing he'll use the Designated Hitter with a move back into the AL.)

Why the Yankees lost to the Indians

from The Hardball Times:

And here I thought it was just that Cleveland scored more runs.

Hollywood Bracing for Writers' Strike

from Time magazine's Tuned In TV Blog:

Based on the start of the fall season, this strike can't come fast enough. I'll get to clear my TiVo and Netflix queue.

NBC Buys Oxygen Network.

Because the iVillage deal has worked out so well.

Gary Sinise - CSI: NY's $5M Man

Who knows, for that kind of money, Sinise may actually show an emotion.

Monday, October 8, 2007

VH1 Classic's 24 hours of Springsteen

Both VH1 and VH1 Classic will air two songs from Bruce LIVE from the Continental Airlines Arena Wednesday night at 9.

Blender Mag: Sting's lyrics the worst

I can only dream of the royalty checks...

Cool Site

Wondering when your favorite artist will be eligible for the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame?
The debate starts here.

Wanna feel old? Bon Jovi is eligible in 2008.

Rock Hall official site:

Who needs record labels?

When you have Apple using your song to promote IPods or Old Navy to sell sweaters?,0,7828832.column

Bonds' mistress Kimberly Bell on the Stern show

from Bugs & Cranks via Deadspin. She tells (and shows) all in the November issue of Playboy.

What had you accomplished at 27?

This guy is the Mayor of Pittsburgh.

I think I managed to change planes in the airport there.

Howard Kurtz - "Reality Show"

Inside the Last Great Television News War. Highlights from The Huffington Post.

FOX considers Joe Buck for late night show

He already does MLB and NFL for the network, maybe he can sweep up after he's done with the show as well.

Rockies on a roll

Next up: the National League Championship Series.

Women's Murder Club on ABC

Based on the best selling series by author James Patterson and debuts Friday night.,0,3538613.story?track=rss

The Brains Behind "Flavor Of Love"

There latest is "America's Most Smartest Model."

Sunday, October 7, 2007

"Deal Or No Deal" Weekday Edition

Can you stand the excitement? Howie and his suitcases five days a week!!!

The answer to Mideast peace is... Bryan Adams?,2933,299947,00.html

Ben Stiller's Box Office Heartbreak

from Entertainment Weekly:,,20151055,00.html

Joel Sherman on how to rebuild the Mets for 2008

from the New York Post:

Adam Buckman on rooting for a serial killer

Dexter - on Showtime.

Could today be the end for Torre?

According to The Record, it's win this series or else.

TV By The Numbers

interesting site; the name says it all.

Chuck Klosterman on how to save sports media

from Esquire:

Las Vegas Sports Books - Looking Out For You!

From the Wall Street Journal via the Freakonomics Blog at The New York Times.

Friday, October 5, 2007

E Street Radio

In the fall of "All Things Springsteen," Sirius has taken things a notch above... All Bruce, All The Time.

Bruce tour dates:

James Swain's Midnight Rambler

reading Jim's latest; previously enjoyed his Tony Valentine casino investigation series. This is his first novel outside of that series and is set in Miami/Dade and Broward Counties. Check out the website, including reviews:

Santana in a NY... Mets Uniform?

Think the Mets might've held off the Phillies with Johan pitching every fifth day? How about in 2008?

Atlantic City Mayor Disappears

I have a feeling that as long as the Borgata doesn't vanish, the city will go on.

Could Imus Be Back Dec. 1?

Pat Monahan

Train's lead singer has a new solo CD out, and despite being on Stern, Leno and Craig Ferguson's shows, drew a (to be polite) small crowd to his tour opener. He performs in Las Vegas tonight, and is scheduled to appear on Last Call with Carson Daly early Saturday morning.

Pat Monahan tour dates:

Friday Night Lights

One of my favorite writers, Alan Sepinwall, on one of my favorite shows.

Be sure to check out Alan's blog as well:


How did the names Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus even become part of my life? And why are parents going crazy trying to get tickets for their precious children?

Great Football Info

One of the best sites for NFL info:
I have no affiliation with them, I'm just a faithful reader.


I can't imagine that you would find this blog unless prodded by me, or perhaps at gunpoint. Either way, welcome. I'm guessing I'll become bored with this soon; probably before the weekend is over.