Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mets' odds in Vegas drop after getting Santana

Sports books in Las Vegas and online reacted quickly to the news that the Mets cut a deal to acquire ace lefty Johan Santana, slashing the Amazin's odds to win the championship almost in half overnight. NY Post

Super Bowl Ads

Super Bowl Ads- The best part of the game... here, before the game.

Diet Pepsi Max

Pepsi/Amazon MP 3 giveaway

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Q+A: Artie Lange - Shticking With Howard Stern

Sidekick says what he wants, pulls in the bucks, and picks and chooses gigs on the side

Since joining the Stern menagerie seven years ago he has gone from a nickel-and-dime world of small comedy clubs and failed movies and TV shows to being a highly paid stand-up comedian who can get deals done.
And he does it without worrying about tarnishing his image. The tarnished image probably accounts for much of his success.
Lange is a former cast member of Fox’s “MadTV.” He has appeared in such films as “The Bachelor,” “Old School,” “Elf” and “Beer League,” which he also co-wrote.
He has recurring roles in two hit TV series — “Entourage” on HBO and “Rescue Me” on FX.
Las Vegas Sun

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

CBS Anchor Harry Smith Hints At Barack Obama Assassination during Ted Kennedy Interview

Senator Ted Kennedy, having endorsed Barack Obama for President, has begun his barnstorming on behalf of the candidate in earnest. This morning found Kennedy on CBS' The Early Show, where anchor Harry Smith, apparently lacking the wit or the wherewithal to pursue a more substantive line of questioning, took the opportunity to do a little whistling past the Kennedy family graveyard: Huffington Post

Mets get Santana for prospects

The New York Mets have agreed to a trade for two-time Cy Young Award winner Johan Santana, giving up four prospects to acquire the left-handed ace of the Minnesota Twins, according to two high-ranking Twins officials with knowledge of the talks and a person close to Santana.
The deal is pending the Mets and Santana reaching agreement on a six- or seven-year contract extension and that Santana passes a physical; they have been granted a 48 to-72-hour window to do so. Santana has a no-trade clause that he will waive if agreement is reached on a contract extension. USA Today Fox Sports

Drew Peterson Offers Himself Up For Fox's "The Moment Of Truth"

Drew Peterspn's Undying Search For Love, Money

Peterson's lawyers have offered him up as a contestant on the network's new reality series The Moment of Truth, in which candidates submit to probing personal questions and must tell the truth in order to win cash prizes. Radar

Mets the front-runners if Twins trade Santana

Sources say the N.Y. Mets have the best offer.
If Minnesota opts to trade the two-time Cy Young Award winner rather than keep him and he works out a new contract extension, Santana could fill the hole at the front of the Mets' rotation.
The Red Sox also made offers, while the Yankees appeared to be out of the Santana talks altogether. But by mid-day Tuesday, Mets officials were hopeful they were the front-runners for the All-Star lefty, with an offer that included center fielder Carlos Gomez, pitcher Phil Humber and two other minor leaguers. It is not yet known whether the Mets have fashioned any offers around their best prospect, outfielder Fernando Martinez. ESPN

"Illegal" Procedures - Eight New England Patriots Have Criminal Records

Personal Foul On Bad-News Patriot Roster
Eight members of the unbeaten AFC champs have arrest records - and some have multiple busts, public records show.
Hot-headed Randy Moss and fellow wide receiver Jabar Gaffney lead the Pats in off-field personal fouls, with five arrests between them.
But Kyle Eckel, Willie Andrews, Le Kevin Smith, Donte Stallworth, Mike Vrabel and C.J. Jones have also been arrested, on charges ranging from drunken driving to assault and weapon possession. NY Post

Monday, January 28, 2008

Survivor renewed, Jeff Probst resigned for two seasons

The series' 16th edition, "Survivor: Micronesia," premieres February 7. Casting for "Survivor 17" is under way. Hollywood Reporter

Look out, here comes Atlantic City’s transformation

Billions of dollars, big plans set to make over the aging town

In 1989, Steve Wynn’s Mirage ushered in a megaresort era marked by a wave of themed and whimsical luxury hotels.
Now, Atlantic City — reeling from competition for penny-pinching slot players — is on the cusp of a sort of salvation, as experts predict a Las Vegas-style transformation of the aging seaside town.
At least three casino operators — each with connections to Wynn and his epic-making Mirage — are pursuing luxury resorts in Atlantic City even as the East Coast gambling mecca is reporting its first annual decline in gaming revenue since the first casino opened there in 1978.
Their confidence, not surprisingly, springs from Las Vegas, which hasn’t always had growth years either.
Las Vegas Sun

Giants Backed By 3-1 Margin Over Patriots By Las Vegas Bettors

A Big Blue victory would be a big blow to Vegas casinos.

Bettors are supporting the Giants in Sunday's Super Bowl by a 3-to-1 margin, according to Jason McCormick, director of the sports book at Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas. Gamblers are gobbling up the 12 points given to the underdog Giants against the Patriots, and especially like the $340 they can win by risking $100 that the G-Men truly upset the unbeaten Pats and win outright. NY Post

ESPN's Kenny Mayne With A New Book

An Incomplete and Inaccurate History of Sport: . . .and Other Random Thoughts from Childhood to Fatherhood

From Publishers Weekly:

Mayne, known for his sarcasm on ESPN's SportsCenter, submits in his debut a tongue-in-cheek sports encyclopedia, featuring such entries as rock throwing and Wiffle ball, along with facts mixed with dubious statements. For example, dodgeball ends “when the PE teacher gets back from hitting on one of the substitutes” and “tackle football is the greatest sport in the world and everyone knows it.” Stories from Mayne's life as a sports-loving kid in Washington State, a quarterback and father to two little girls round out the book.The book's best parts feature Mayne straying from his funnyman persona to reflect on his personal life.

Check it out here:

New Kids: Back On The Block?

The band's official Website,,/ is, after a long period of dormancy, once again up and running and imploring fans to keep hanging tough for a forthcoming announcement. That announcement, per People, is that Jordan Knight, Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, Jonathan Knight and Danny Wood will be making like the Spice Girls and relaunching their once chart-dominating act.
There's no word yet, however, on whether the group's resurrection will include a tour, a greatest-hits album or the release of any new material. E! Online

Setting Super Bowl prop bets a major chore

Oddsmaker says Patriots' consistency helpful in crunching numbers
Seven days before Super Bowl Sunday, the game within the game has started. Several hundred proposition wagers have been posted at Las Vegas sports books, and bettors have been busy crunching numbers and picking them apart.
Prop bets are responsible for about one-third of the money wagered on the NFL title game in Nevada. If a new record is set in terms of handle -- something in the neighborhood of $100 million -- we're talking about $33 million that will be devoted to the approximately 300 unique prop bets. Las Vegas Review-Journal

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Monte Carlo hotel fire in Las Vegas forces out thousands

Inside the Monte Carlo poker room, the gambling didn't stop even after a casino floor television came on with live footage of the fire, said Rich Vetterl, a 53-year-old chemist from North Carolina.
"It was strange playing poker and watching the building burn," he said. "It was almost like being on the Titanic as it was going down. It was surreal."
After several minutes, the dealer at the table waved her arms, stopped play and told everybody to evacuate. The poker players calmly stood up and left, with many taking time to cash out their chips, he said.
Las Vegas Review-Journal

Networks Ponder Poststrike landscape

What will television look like when the strike ends, and how is the next season going to be changed? Beyond the conviction that some scripted television series will be replaced by reality shows, network and production studio executives are expressing hope that one outcome of the strike will be a different, and much cheaper, process for getting scripted shows on the air.
That means more shows bought without pilots, more work from established writers and less from newcomers, and a rollout of new shows that extends throughout the year instead of being concentrated in September. Bill Carter writes: NY Times

Friday, January 25, 2008

FBI dismisses Miley Cyrus hijacking plan

A 16-year-old from Louisiana who allegedly plotted to hijack a plane was not planning to crash it into Miley Cyrus' Hannah Montana concert, as some outlets have reported, a FBI spokesman tells the Associated Press.

Isn't Jamie-Lynn Spears 16 and from Louisiana? Could be hormonal.

NBC shuffles schedule

Barack Obama does The Top Ten list

Yop Ten Campaign Promises, on The Late Show with David Letterman.

ESPN's Dana Jacobson still suspended- first pictures

After her drunken outburst at the roast of "Mike & Mike" at The House Of Blues in Atlantic City.

Protest at ESPN:,0,4646143.story

ESPN's Dana Jacobson learns the Internet is always listening:

The Big Lead:

The Huffington Post:

Drew Peterson walks off Fox News Interview

On "Studio B" with Sheppard Smith.,2933,325685,00.html

WKTU's Hollywood Hamilton rips Imus, shock jocks

This guy was great on Q105/Tampa and in the early days of Z100/New York.

The Hudson Reporter- Burning Up The Airwaves:

BREAKING: Major Fire at Monte Carlo Casino in Las Vegas

Details coming; the building is buring from the top down; 3000 rooms- all being evacuated.
Kyra Phillips on CNN said the hotel is known for "musician" Lance Burton. He's a magician.

Las Vegas Review-Journal:

MGM-Mirage owns the hotel, which has recently undergone renovations. Early speculation is centering around the roof, or some of the penthouse suites as a potenial starting point for the fire.

Monte Carlo website:

2:52pm: No injuries reported at this time. Updated 3:17: No "major" injuries reported.

Hotel is officially closed until further notice- if you have future reservations, call the hotel:

South Fkorida Sports Radio Ratings

A huge victory for 560 WQAM, highlighted by wins in AM drive, middays, PM Drive and believe it or not- Miami Dolphins football. Despite a 1-15 record, and all games being televised locally, the games scored impressive numbers. Perhaps 790 The Ticket's decision to let both Joe Rose and the Fins move to WQAM, while adding Jorge Sedano for middays contributed to the comparitively dismal ratings. I can't imagine that the Ticket's numbers will skyrocket at night; in addition to the unlistenable call-in shows, adding the Florida Panthers and Floridaa Marlins (both dropped by WQAM) hardly seem to be the ratings elixir The Ticket needs.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fox News Alert on Red Eye

Andrew Levy reports- the soda machine at Fox News Channel is out of Mr. Pibb.

Fox's The Moment Of Truth

Slow moving, yet highly rated.

NY Times: Biggest premiere and highest ratings in nearly a year.

NY Post: Painful Truth- Show Bores.

$1 coffees with free refills at Starbucks

Only in Seattle, as part of a test:

ESPN's Dana Jacobson: Still Suspended

AOL Fanhouse:

She's on the cover of Hartford magazine- as an eligible single!
The Big Lead:

Awful Announcing:

Philadelphia Magazine Alycia Lane article

The Very Public Self Destruction Of Alycia Lane

Ms. Lane was News Blues 2007 Person Of The Year.

Las Vegas Super Bowl "Prop" Bets"

Analysis of proposition bets from Jeff Haney:

Victoria Zdrok on Howard Stern today

The new book: Dr. Z on Scoring: How to Pick Up, Seduce and Hook Up with Hot Women

Book Description:

For the first time ever, a book on how to pick up hot women by a hot woman! Penthouse columnist Dr. Z shows you how it's done.
You're at a party, or just a coffee shop, when suddenly -- there she is. Across the room is the hottest woman you've ever seen, one who makes your palms sweat and your breath come faster. She's amazing, a real knockout. But you're just an average guy, with average looks and an average job. What chance would you ever have of scoring with a babe like that?
In Dr. Z on Scoring, Dr. Victoria Zdrok shows you that it's possible to not only pick up your hottie but also charm and seduce her. A stunner herself, Victoria has the distinction of being the only woman who has been both a Playboy centerfold and a Penthouse Pet of the Year, and with a JD in law and a PhD in clinical psychology, she has both beauty and brains. She uses her personal and professional knowledge of how beautiful women think to give you the information you need to:
Approach a hot woman.
Engage her in conversation.
Ask her out and entertain her.
Get her into bed and please her.
With research from psychology experts and insights from hot models who have posed in the pages of Playboy and Penthouse, you'll learn that beautiful women really do appreciate guys for more than just their looks or money. With the information in Dr. Z on Scoring, you can make your move on the woman of your dreams!

All of Victoria's books:

official website:


Fox's John Gibson mocks Heath Ledger's death

With audio:

The end for Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson

Price Is Right w/Drew Carey to air in Prime Time

The bad news: The Drew Carey hosted "Power of 10" has been yanked from the schedule.

Steve Dahl's "Win a date with Drew Peterson" canceled

Apparently Dahl had second thoughts. Guess the missing wife and mysterious death of Peterson's prior wife can make a guy say "Mmmm Hmmm.",0,4280792.story?coll=chi-homepagenews-utl

Miami Dolphins willing to trade #1 draft pick


Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders avoid Howard Stern

Artie Lange tried to rope 'em in:

Jose Canseco to name Magglio Ordonez in new book?

The New York Times reports that Canseco was investigated for seeking a $5 million dollar investment for a movie project, in exchange for leaving Ordonez, and his alledged steroid use out of his forthcoming book, "Vindicated."

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers/Steve Winwood Tour

After playing halftime at the Super Bowl, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers along with opening act Steve Winwood will tour extensively this summer.

Full concert listings:

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

ABC Drama takes on Science and Parents

Eli Stone, a new legal drama making its debut this month on ABC is stepping into a subject that is the source of heated debate among some parents — the relationship between autism and childhood vaccines — and seemingly coming down on the side that has been all but dismissed by prominent scientific organizations.

Been waiting for a Def Leppard/Tim McGraw duet?

Apparently Tim's done "Pour Some Sugar On Me" with the boys in Def Lep live in concert. (really!!!)

Will Leitch: Writing A Book? Piece of Cake.

Publisher's Weekly:

Book Review and Description:

Jeff MacGregor, Sports Illustrated special contributor and author of Sunday Money"If the truth is to be found in humor - and it is - then let Will Leitch lead our people’s revolution. He’s everything that’s right and funny and true in American sports."
Jeff Pearlman, New York Times bestselling author of The Bad Guys Won!"The funniest sports book I have ever read. Yeah, as a member of the mainstream media I should probably despise Will Leitch. But God Saves the Fan is an uproarious, painful, pointed, skittish manifesto on all that’s warped in the world of Lucious Pusey."

Book Description:
ESPN thinks its viewers are stupid. The Olympics claw at your inner sap. Barbaro, after all, was just a horse. So says Will Leitch, founding editor of, whose God Save the Fan is your new manifesto.
Arch and unrepentant, Leitch is the mouthpiece for all the frustrated fans who just want their games back from big money, bloated egos, and blathering sportscasters. Always a fan first and a journalist second, Leitch considers the perfection of fantasy leagues, the meaninglessness of the steroids debate, and the aching permanence of loyalty to just one team. He'll tell you why, long before that dogfighting mess, Michael Vick's undercover STD clinic name was Ron Mexico; why athletes persist in publicly praising God; and what the beer companies really think about you. Share Leitch's dread as he spends twenty—four hours watching ESPN. Sit and have a beer with John Rocker and his surprising girlfriend. Be inspired by Rick Ankiel's phoenixlike rise, and fall.
With a voice strengthened by the success of Deadspin and its chorus of commenters, Leitch has written all—new material for God Save the Fan. If you or a fan you love is suffering from the sense of listless dissatisfaction brought on by the leagues and networks, this is your restorative tonic. Packed with lists, glossaries, confessions, and rages, Leitch's manifesto sings a rallying cry for fan empowerment. The games, after all, belong to us. God Save the Fan: How Preening Sportscasters, Athletes Who Speak in the Third Person, and the Occasional Convicted Quarterback Have Taken the Fun Out of Sports (And How We Can Get It Back)

Fate of Heath Leadger's last films unknown


"24" is gone, but not "Lost"

The Great Tim Goodman:

People gets Heath Ledger's death on cover

Late deadline (no pun intended) makes them the only celeb weekly to have the story.

Mets take lead in Johan Santana derby

Jon Heyman, S.I.:

Timeline of Heath Ledger's final moments

Honestly, "slow adults" have been taught to dial 911 in case of emergency. Stick with the plan.

At 2:45 p.m., a masseuse named Diana Wolozin showed up for her massage appointment with Ledger, who didn't answer when she knocked on his door.
She then tried to call him on his cell phone, but again got no response. She went into the bedroom, set up her massage table and again tried to wake Ledger.
Wolozin told police that Ledger was cold to the touch, but she just assumed he was unconscious. She proceeded to grab his cell phone and call Mary Kate Olsen, whose number is programmed into the phone. Wolozin knew that Olsen and Ledger were friends, and she asked Olsen for advice on what she should do next.
Olsen, who also lives in Manhattan but was in California at the time, responded by saying she would send over her private security guards to help deal with the situation. In the ensuing moments, Wolozin realized that Ledger might be dead, and called 911.
The emergency operator provided Wolozin directions on how to do CPR, but it was too late.
Paramedics arrived minutes later - at about the same time as Olsen's security guards.

Full Coverage from the NY Post:

Jinxed! Sports Illustrated puts Giants' Eli Manning on cover

Chris Jansing promoted from MSNBC to NBC News

She'll be based in Burbank.

ICN writes a nice tribute; I like her on MSNBC- personable when appropriate, yet excellent on breaking news. When I first saw that she was leaving MSNBC, I figured NBC would be using her as anchor on one of their stations- she's so good on the anchor desk.

Win a date with Drew Peterson

His wife's been missing for four months, and a previous wife's death is being reinvestigated.
Radio contest brought to you by Steve Dahl and WJMK, Chicago.,012308peterson.article

CBS2 Chicago:

Chicago Tribune:,0,4280792.story?coll=chi_tab04_layout

Steve Dahl:


JACK/Chicago official website:

Jack Nicholson on Heath Ledger's death: "I Warned Him"

Heath Ledger news- or whatever they had- on deadline

Rachel Sklar of Huffington Post:

Alicia Keys #1 CD in (another) slow sales week

ESPN's Dana Jacobson suspended,1,6339882.story

"Inappropriate comments" made in Atlantic City at a roast of ESPN radio's morning team of Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic.


Sources: Drug residue found in Heath Ledger's apt.

Autopsy results inconclusive:

E! Online:

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Websites make it easy to catch missed TV shows

Strike aside, hit shows are still missing

Scott Collins, LA Times:,1,2660783.story?coll=la-entnews-tv-topstories&ctrack=7&cset=true

Parody of Tom Cruise Scientology Video

Starring Jerry O'Connell.

Ringo Starr walks out on "Regis and Kelly"

Getting more publicity than if he had played the whole song as desired.

BREAKING NEWS - Heath Ledger dead at 28


NY Times:

USA Today:


Internet Movie Database:


Jim Fassel leading candidate to coach Washington Redskins

Apparently he's the "mystery candidate," not Bill Cowher as many had hoped or guessed.

Sirius to cover Super Bowl in 8 languages

Sirius Satellite Radio will also cover the Winter X Games.

Amy Winehouse in Rehab

After release of crack-smoking video.

Bon Jovi's AFL Team buys radio studio naming rights

Inqlings: Soul-ful name for 'JJZ studio
By Michael Klein
Inquirer Columnist
Sports teams sell naming rights, but the Philadelphia Soul football franchise is going the other way.
Soul president Ron Jaworski and WJJZ (97.5) station manager Jim Brown tomorrow will announce that the smooth-jazz station will be broadcasting from Philadelphia Soul Studios. (Both entities dub themselves "the Soul of the City.")
It's part of a joint diversity program aimed at youth called Peace Through Music, which will send WJJZ's Michael Tozzi and Soul player Mike Brown into the community. Doubt that WJJZ will now play the music of Jon Bon Jovi, who owns the Soul with developer Craig Spencer.

(Though not mentioned, this franchise is in the Arena Football League.)

Patriots WR Donte Stallworth claims Martian alter-ego

Wonder if "Nicco" gets his own room and per diem on the road.

Is this a cry for help, or a guy hoping for an ESPN2 reality show?

Academy Awards nominees announced


Full list:;_ylt=ApEJgx2Xvm_fuTtIcGb_nc.mG78C

Defamer's Oscar snubs:

Tom Brady seen wearing walking cast on foot in NY

Quarterback says injury sustained in win over Chargers is 'nothing serious.'

Monday, January 21, 2008

The World's Strongest Celebrity

Coming to television, courtesy of the man who brought us "Who Wants to Be A Millionaire."

I'm pretty sure the next game show/reality hybrid is going to be "Celebrity How Many Fingers Am I Holding Up Behind My Back?" with host Carrot Top.

ESPN True Hollywood Story: Tom Brady

Great Brady Bunch parody, starring Tom as the fourth Brady Brother.

Super Bowl wagers could set Nevada record

New England Patriots favored by 13.5 over the New York Giants in the opening point spread. The over/under for total points scored is 54.

Gold and Platinum awards for December

For CD sales. Ken Barnes of USA Today Reports:

Crime Fiction Writers using web for research

Friday, January 18, 2008

Meet the man who makes the (point) spread

Las Vegas Sun:

CNBC's Erin Burnett on Late Night with Conan O'Brien

The lovely Erin Burnett visits Conan; here's the complete video:

AP Preparing Britney Spears' obituary

Associate Press "(has) to be prepared.",2933,323826,00.html

Tim Dorsey's Aromic Lobster

Book Description:
Why is everyone rushing to flee Tampa on a cruise ship to hell?
Serge is back with a bullet, torn between homicide and souvenirs. So is Coleman, torn between getting hammered and getting more hammered. Then there's good ol' Jim Davenport, the E-Team, the Diaz Brothers, and Johnny Vegas, the Accidental Virgin, cranking up the fevered action as the pot boils over on a street called Lobster Lane.
It's reunion time in the Sunshine State, and we're not just talking the family jamboree of that blood-soaked criminal clan, the McGraws, whose nastiest, meanest member is finally released from prison and heads south bent on revenge. On top of it all, the government is covering up a growing list of mysterious victims across Florida who may or may not be connected to a nefarious plot being hatched against national security.
But wait! There's more on the horizon! Who is the oddly familiar femme fatale named Rachael? Is Serge wrong that guns, drugs, and strippers don't mix? What sets the Non-Confrontationalists off on a rampage? What finally brings Coleman and Lenny together? Will they succeed in building the biggest bong ever? And can Serge surf a rogue wave to victory?
So batten the hatches, don the life jackets, and take cover as all these questions and more are answered in the latest adventure from the acclaimed author of Hurricane Punch.


Tim's website:

Seinfeld sends Manning complete box set

Eli can get his fix in Green Bay, after all.

Wal-Mart eliminates 1000 magazine titles

Fox Sports' Jeannie Zelasko recovering from thyroid cancer sugery

Fox Sports anchor/reporter Jeanne Zelasko continues to recover at home in Northridge after 4½ hours of surgery last Friday to remove a cancerous tumor from her thyroid gland. She said she dodged a bullet as her doctor told her Wednesday that the pathology report looked great and the cancer was localized. That the fact the gland did not attach itself to the muscle meant they did not have to remove lymph nodes. Next up: Radiation treatment. "I'm great," she said. "I will sooner suffer death by flowers than this cancer stuff. The love via the florist has been overwhelming. And so appreciated."

---Tom Hoffarth, media columnist
LA Daily News

Palazzo Las Vegas

Glitz, Glamour, Grandiosity:

Opening Signals Las Vegas' Upscale Turn:

Jersey Boys, playing at the Palazzo:

Tiger Woods "lynching" controversy takes new turn

Now Golfweek has fired the editor who approved the cover art showing a noose and hightlighting the coverage inside the magazine.

Television is going to be a "Circus" this summer

We could have dueling "Circus of the Stars" type shows.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Jeff Buick's Delicate Chaos

Back in November, I had a chance to chat with Jeff via e-mail about his new book, DELICATE CHAOS. Since it is now available, I thought I'd share the info once again with a wider audience.

Here's what Jeff told me: "About Delicate Chaos. It features Leona Hewitt, a Washington DC banker, whose decision to okay a corporate restructuring is derailed when people start dying of unnatural causes. Like murder. If you liked African Ice, you’ll probably like this one as well, Dave. A lot of the book is set in Kenya, where Leona provides money to the villages through a non-profit organization. While the wheels are coming off in DC, they’re also going sideways really fast in Africa. The two storylines tie together at the end."

To order the book:

All of Jeff's books:

Jeff's website:

Good Morning Cincinnati

Dance Party Friday:

Dancing With Myself - Dance Party Friday:

Dance Party Friday - Christmas Edition:

A Low-Wattage Grammy Awards?

ANY show would be an improvement over the Golden Globes... though the Grammy folks were hoping for a BIG show for the 50th Grammys.

Nashville Star moves from USA to NBC

This summer:

Santana deal before Spring Training?

Mets could be frontrunners in a three team battle that also includes the Yankees and Red Sox.

Rick Reilly - Time off between SI and ESPN

How to turn the non-compete time between the end of your gig at Sports Illustrated and your new job with The Worldwide Leader into the best time of your life.

NFL to play another regular season game in London

Many Dolphins fans likely suggest playing the whole season at Wembley Stadium.

Marlins hire Glenn Geffner as #2 radio announcer

Golfweek not letting "lynching" controversy end

Cover story rehashes Golf Channel anchor Kelly Tilghman's ill-advised comments regarding Tiger Woods.

EMI- Record label in crisis

The Rolling Stones will release their next album with another label; other artists threatening to withhold their new projects.

"Stuttering" John Melendez movie

Picked up by National Lampoon for theatrical and home video distribution.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Will Ferrell to Broadway?

Fla. woman gets restaining order against Randy Moss,0,2090317.story

Tony Sparano: Dolphins Made Man

Fins' new Head Coach:,0,2168739.story?coll=sofla_tab01_layout

Why Idol Changed Radio...

And Will Likely Continue To. Sean Ross writes:

O.J. Simpson's bail doubled; gets a scolding

Coca-Cola, Ford, AT&T: $35M to sponsor "Idol"

American Idol Ratings

Good News: Top show of the season.
Bad News: Down 11% (4 million viewers) from last year.

Analysis from

Early live Beatles music to be released

A small label in Miami claims to have tapes from Germany in 1962, the oldest recordings to feature Ringo on drums. Release date and info to come.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Baseball - 7 teams with unfinished business

Spring Training is weeks away and its time for some teams to get going. Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal writes:

Baseball's best teams in five key categories

Not an NL team in the bunch. Dayn Perry blogs:

A Grammys press conference, as well?

FMQB interview with Bubba The Love Sponge

Of Sirius Satellite Radio, and concurrently, WHPT-FM/Tampa and WFYV-FM/Jacksonville.

American Idol- another preview

From Idolator:

Las Vegas Sports Book weekend recap

Along with opening lines for this weekend's Conference Championship games.

Mets, Red Sox finalists for Johan Santana

As Yankees pull their offer.

Subway Squawkers Blog, NY Daily News:

Fake Jessica Simpson helps Giants beat Cowboys

A great moment in journalism for the NY Post.
The highlight- note that the look-a-like's last name is Nordstrom.
"I knew we were going to win when I saw her [Nordstrom]. I'm dead serious!" said Giant die-hard Anthony Triglia, 21, of Staten Island who cheered Big Blue in the heart of enemy territory.
"You have to come to Green Bay," Triglia told Nordstrom.
Then, in true Jessica, Chicken-of-the-Sea fashion, Nordstrom candidly responded: "What's Green Bay?"
Get some cameras- she's a reality show waiting to happen.

Terrell Owens in tears after loss to Giants

Waaaaaaahhhhhhh.,0,5730300.story, with video:

Sweeps a patchwork in February

Due to the writers strike.

"Young, Smart, Sexy" Female Cable Newscasters

Okay, they listed 13. Why not 14 and include Contessa Brewer of MSNBC? Make it 15 and include FOX's Julie Banderas. MSNBC's Norah O'Donnell makes 16. This list could go all day.

The Daily Fix looks at the weekend's NFL action

Bryan Adams serenades an Audi

Reality TV saving networks during writers strike

NBC orders more American Gladiators:

CBS orders three new reality shows:

The return of American Idol, confident in Season 7 Super Bowl Promo: Free Downloads the digital Pied Piper:

Sunday, January 13, 2008

American Idol's Back

Don't count on the seven year itch; the show could lose half of its viewers and be one of the most popular shows on TV, especially with the Writers Strike prematurely ending the season of many scripted favorites.

Comedy At The Edge

Richard Zoglin looks at the 1970s standup comedy explosion.

I Killed: True Stories of the Road from America's Top Comics:

Palazzo at The Venetian, Las Vegas

A total of 7,128 hotel rooms, two casinos totaling more than 200,000 square feet, almost 1 million square feet of retail and 2.3 million square feet of meeting, convention and exhibition space.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

O.J. Simpson's Bail Bondsman: "He didn't pay a dime."

More from the bail bondsman, who has a theory on who was going to expose O.J.'s voicemail:

American Idol: Ratings up; sales down

Clay Aiken reconsiders his Newsweek subscription

Waiting for updates on a possible "Time" magazine renewal.

Cardinals swap Scott Rolen for Blue Jays' Troy Glaus

Vinyl gets its groove back

As a matter of fact, Bruce Springsteen's latest album was released on LP a week earlier than CD and on iTunes, so it would qualify for this year's Grammy Awards.,9171,1702369,00.html

Brewing Battle: Starbucks vs. McDonald's,8599,1702277,00.html

Merv Griffin: Best Tombstone Ever (Final Jeopardy)

American Idol to the rescue for Fox

Sure to steamroll through the midseason as usual, especailly facing reruns and unscripted fare.

Competing networks face the reality:

"Trying to get its groove back" - USA Today:

Howard Stern on Late Show with David Letterman

UPDATED 1/14: On today's show, Howard announced that he's paid his "debt" to David, and announced his "retirement" from appearing on Letterman's Late Show.

Howard trashes Dr. Phil, "He went to the University of North Texas," and Imus, "I knew he was a racist back then," referring to when the two worked together at WNBC radio in the 1980s.

January 10, 2008:

TiVo Down Under

I've always wanted to visit Australia; in fact I've got the Dividend Miles in my USAirways account to go round-trip, First Class. In fact, considering the the closest I can really claim to a second language is four years of high school Spanish, I really don't think I could function living outside of North America, with the exception of England and the aforementioned Australia. Tonight, however, I learned something so disturbing, and so shattering that I may have to eliminate the Aussie factor.

They don't have TiVo. Yet. They are taking applications to "beta-test" the service, with hopes that it may launch next year.

I may visit; but I'm not packing to move just yet.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Ex-Miami Heat player Glen Rice arrested

Charged with felony battery.


Aerosmith's Steven Tyler selling publishing rights

Deal will cover songs from the late 1980s on, and could be worth $50M.

Mid-January Music sales pretty weak

Juno soundtrack may land at #1.

Sporting News Blogging Its Way Into The New Age

Darren Rovell of CNBC:

Miami Heat get a do-over

If you thought the Heat lost 117-111 to the Atlanta Hawks on December 21, you may be in for a surprise; due to an offical scorer's error, the final 51.9 seconds will be replayed.,0,3052839.story

NY Daily News: Mets say Santana report is off the mark

The report doesn't deny that negotiations are ongoing; just that the Mets won't deal five top prospects, thereby wiping out their farm system.

NY Post- Just say NOHAN:

CBS hoping for Patriots-Colts rematch?

The Vegas sports books say they'll get their wish. I wonder how many viewers they'd lose if it were Chargers vs. Jaguars?

Awful Announcing: Brent Musbeger has lost it

He wants to go to the Playboy Mansion with Erin Andrews (who is a Rock Star) and for a beer after the game with analyst Steve Lavin.

Brent Musberger-

Erin Andrews, America's Sexiest Sportscaster 2008:

Season Finale air dates

Due to the writers strike, your favorite shows are either done, or ending soon.

BREAKING O.J. NEWS: In custody, in Las Vegas

O.J.'s in custody:, Miami. Includes "Motion To Revoke Bail" and "Motion To Detain" PDF links.

O.J.'s bond has been revoked.

Sports By Brooks:

Chuck Knoblauch ends silence about Mitchell Report

Seemingly in hiding; the Yankees didn't even know where to find him. Knoblauch, still only 39, denies using human growth hormone, as the report asserts.

Bachelorette to return to ABC this summer

After a three year hiatus.

Spring Training Highlights

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Straight Up! Paula Abdul to sing live again.

Possibly as part of the Super Bowl festivities.

Avril Lavigne settles suit, may be pregnant


Canadian Press:


Las Vegas dream projects... that were never built

Interesting site:

Rich "Goose" Gossage does Top Ten list

The new Hall of Famer on "Late Show" with David Letterman.

ESPN's Kenny Mayne Sopranos Finale Parody

Mayne uses Cowboys Assisstant Head Coach Tony Sporano in the lead role, with some help from Paulie Walnuts, Bobby Bacala, and Uncle Junior. Oh, and a Cowboys Cheerleader in lieu of Meadow.

Contessa Brewer caught doing makeup on live TV

I love MSNBC's Contessa Brewer; unfortunately a video clip went to black and she got caught reapplying lipstick on national TV. Luckily, nobody ever gets to see those kind of flubs, right?

Letterman takes on Leno with writers, Howard Stern

Dave beat Jay Monday night with the big one-two punch of shaving his beard and Tom Hanks; I think he may get a second win this week.

Since Hanks has Academy Awards, and the beard doesn't, I probably could've give him top billing, but the beard DID get a lot of attention during the strike, and in Dave's first week back.

Sir Edmund Hillary, 1st to top of Everest dead at 88

Keyshawn Johnson to Monday Night Football?

Is he using the publicity of returning to the NFL as a player or an executive to leverage his way into Tony Kornheiser's chair?

It's Back - American Idol debuts Tuesday at 8

Tostitos in hand, Melissa Ruggieri of the Richmond Times-Dispatch writes about the new season.

Eerie 1979 Pakistani Airlines Twin Towers Ad

Promoting the Pakistan-NYC nonstop flight.

The 747 shadow in front of the World Trade Center is enough to send shivers up and down the spine.

Former Marlins P Matt Mantei attempting comeback

Looking to land in Detroit's bullpen. Personally, I'm rooting for him; sat across the aisle from him on a flight into Vegas the morning after he was traded to the Arizona Diamondbacks. (He was connecting into Phoenix.) Coincidentally, I saw him in the airport in Vegas on the Sunday night going into the All-Star Break- we were on the same red-eye into Fort Lauderdale. He remembered me, and introduced me to his former Marlins teammate (and the man who scored the winning run in Game 7 of the 1997 World Series) Craig Counsell.

TiVorexia sweeping the land

With the writers strike seemingly putting an end to scripted shows in the 2007-2008 TV season, stockpiles on the "Now Playing" lists are hitting a dangerous low.,0,5898558.story

Mets still in the hunt for Johan Santana

If the Twins want to trade him out of the American League, as rumored; or if the Yankees and Red Sox don't pony up, the Mets may have enough pieces to land Santana- even without giving up Jose Reyes.

Bergen Record:

Could Reggie Bush lose his Heisman?

If he is declared ineligible for the 2005 season, USC could be forced to forfeit the National Championship.

The book:

The 10 Worst Foods of 2007

Call your cardiologist before READING this article, much less consuming anything described within.

Howard Stern on Late Show with David Letterman TONIGHT

Howard's plans for Letterman appearance, 6:10am:

Tom Jicha, Sun-Sentinel:

Def Leppard, Styx, REO Speedwagon tour

Only 19 dates scheduled; highlights include March 29 at the Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, Florida; April 4 at the Music Box at the Borgata in Atlantic City; and one of my favorite venues, The Pearl at The Palms Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on April 29.

Pam Anderson: No

In a one word posting on her website, she denies being pregnant.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Pam Anderson pregnant; marriage off, again.

Golf Channel announcer suspended two weeks

For the ill-advised "lynch" comment, on how to eliminate Tiger Woods from competition.

How actress Jeri Ryan's love life may have changed the face of American politics

Entertainment Weekly:

CBS News story from June 25, 2004:

Jeri Ryan on IMDb:

Shark Season One (with James Woods and Jeri Ryan) on DVD:

Shark Season Two (Amazon Unbox Downloads):

Marlins interested in 1B/OF Luis Gonzalez

He'd give the Fish a veteran presence in what will be a vey long summer in South Florida.
Ken Rosenthal, Fox Sports:

Patriots favored to win Super Bowl this year AND in 2009

Yes, you can get action on the Patriots for next year in Las Vegas. The Miami Dolphins are 300-1 to win the 2009 Super Bowl at the Las Vegas Hilton.

Terry Bradshaw set to retire

I got excited when I read the headline as well; unfortunately, it's at the end of his contract with Fox, which expires in 2011. Anyone else think he's looking for a contract extension?

A Vegas casino in a trailer - once every two years

Due to zoning laws, Station Casinos was forced to open a slots/video poker operation in an otherwise empty lot. With all of the themed hotels in Vegas combined with Jeff Foxworthy fans, perhaps "Trailer Station" would be a good long-term solution for the site.

Station Casinos:

Redskins to pursue Bill Cowher?

Washington Post:

ProFootballTalk: ESPN's Len Pasquarelli holds an amazing grudge-

Pasquarelli's ESPN column- Old-age issue for Redskins' Ordinary Joe

Is Len Pasquarelli too old to write about sports? Jeff Bercovici goes direct to the source to ask.

Howard Stern on Letterman

UPDATED 1/9: Howard will be Dave's guest on tomorrow's Late Show, CBS at 11:35pm.

Today marks Howard's second anniversary on Sirius; or as he's referring to it, 40% done with his deal... his "final deal." Though I'm pretty sure I remember hearing about "final deals" during the Reagan Administration.

Golf Channel anchor apologizes for "lynch Tiger Woods" comment

Tiger's agent: Comments a "non-issue.",0,163198.story

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Gambling's big wheel based on TV show

Somewhere, Merv Griffin's estate gets richer, as Wheel Of Fortune continues to dominate as the top slot machine.,0,2571934.column

Comedian moves into Paramus, N.J. IKEA Store,0,2383678.story

Personally, after reading this,, I'd reather move into a hotel lobby. I've never seen gnochhi on my way to the valet parking.

Sacha Baron Cohen pads his part

Rush & Molloy, NY Daily News:

Sacha Baron Cohen: The Unauthorized Biography: From Cambridge to Kazakhstan:

Raw and Edited: The Two Versions of Clemens

Richard Sandomir of The New York Times writes.

Neil Best of Newsday on Clemens:,0,3061846.column

"Goose" Gossage elected to Baseball Hall of Fame

Career stats:

Jim Rice just misses; while Bert Blyleven continues to be the best modern day player NOT enshrined in Cooperstown.

Mark McGwire earned just 23.6% of the vote. Full results here:

Out by a Step: The 100 Best Players Not in the Baseball Hall of Fame:

What Ever Happened To the Hall Of Fame?

The Daily Fix's Sports Blog takes a look at the BCS championship game and the Roger Clemens 60 Minutes interview.

ABC bringing back "The Mole"

Anybody remember the original host?

It was Anderson Cooper, now of CNN.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Seinfeld and his wife sued over cookbook spat

Heat's Pat Riley: "No interest in trading Shaq"

Isn't it shortly after a statement like this, that the player is seen packing up the stuff in his locker, and a "for sale" sign is seen in front of his (in this case) beachfront mansion?,0,3209167.story?coll=sofla_tab01_layout

Golden Globes: Now Just A News Conference

No getting to watch Katherine Heigl eat shrimp cocktail in 2008.

KYW-TV Fires Alycia Lane

After her arrest in New York last month.,0,6372482.story


Drudge: Talk of Hillary Exiting Race for President

K-Fed thought Britney would shoot their kids

With the gun he gave her. Probably not the best gift.

Atlantic City's revival begins anew in 2008

Clemens sues McNamee for defamation

Some say the best defense is a good offense.

The Smoking Gun:

From CNBC's Darren Rovell: whose legacy is in worse shape - Clemens (steroids) or Martina Hingis, who tested positive for cocaine at Wimbledon?

Showtime's Dexter to air on CBS


Premieres Sunday, February 17 at 10pm. To say that show this will be highly edited is an understatement- however, it is one of the great shows on television.

Showtime's official Dexter site: (Episode information-contains spoilers):

The DVD: Unbox Videos:

Howard Stern to visit Letterman

Monday January 14, 11:35pm. Details to follow. (Wow, that really makes it sound like BREAKING NEWS.)

Second Halves Were Wild on Wild Card Weekend's The Daily Fix blog sums it up.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Clemens on 60 Minutes: "I'll Never Pitch Again"

This would be his what, fifth retirement? I think the first was after the 2003 World series against the Marlins.

Sparano to be new coach of Miami Dolphins?

From the top football blog I've found... and no, I don't get a referral fee. pieces the evidence together like an episode of CSI: Miami (Dolphins)

Sparano lining up his staff:

Sparano and Parcells share an agent:

Word of the decision has leaked:

One caveat- Parcells denial:

UPDATED 1/7: Fins get fishier; hire QBs coach before hiring a Head Coach:

The REAL reason Cam Cameron got canned

Believe it or not, it wasn't simply the Dolphins going 1-15. It was the coach "losing the team."
Bits and pieces of this story came out in the South Florida media during the course of the season. There was the QB battle between Cleo Lemon and John Beck; Zack Thomas, Jason Taylor and Joey Porter all reportedly less than thrilled with the Head Coach; but it may have been a situation on the team charter after facing New England in week 16 that ended Cam's Dolphins tenure.

CBS relaunches "The Early Show" Monday

New to the show is former CBS4/Miami anchor Maggie Rodriguez. She'll be great, but CBS will likely still be third behind "Today" on NBC and "Good Morning America" on ABC when ratings are analyzed, even a year from now.

NY Daily News:

Trivial Pursuit: The Game Show coming to TV

TV Squad:

"America Plays," this fall:

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Leno and Kimmel to visit each other's shows

As the writers' strike persists.

Mike Vick to be released early?

Possibly after serving as little as 12 months of his 23 month sentence, which would allow him to be released in 2008.;_ylt=A0WTeTJf7n9Hk14AKAI5nYcB?slug=cr-earlyvick010408&prov=yhoo&type=lgns - Putting customers first

Nice writeup in the NY Times.

Rapper Flo Rida sets one week download record

Filling iPods that were received for Christmas, 99 cents at a time.

Oy Vey - JDate's for sale

Britney Spears released from hospital

So much for the 72 hour hold. Or the speculation on Fox News' "On The Record" that it would likely be 14 days.

"Out of custody."

Dr. Phil to the rescue:

Friday, January 4, 2008

Dolphins' Jason Taylor to work NFL studio for NBC

Not often you see a player from a 1-15 team as a guest analyst.
Teammate Trent Green will also do some playoff work; for ESPN TV and radio.

Also in Barry Jackson's column linked above: Word that 790 The Ticket in Miami, flagship station of the Florida Panthers and the Florida Marlins has suffered multi-million dollar losses and may look to end the lease deal between them and station/signal owner Lincoln Financial.

What's wrong with Britney?

Newsweek tries having a clinical psychiatrist explain.
My guess: she's koo-koo.

Daily Mail (UK)

Fox Business Network: Nobody's watching

Actually 6300 people a day. The channel is so high up on my cable system it's practically on CB radio.

Unmasking D.B. Cooper

The article that got the F.B.I. to reopen a 36 year old hijacking case.

Collusion? Colts, Titans had "communication"

I would be one ticked off Cleveland Browns fan. Ten wins, and other teams may have had an "understanding?"

UPDATED 1/7: Jeff Fisher, Titans Head Coach, denies discussions took place with Tony Dungy, Head Coach of the Indianapolis Colts.

UPDATED 1/9: Nobody's questioning Dungy.

Congress calls Clemens, Pettite and trainer to testify


Britney Spears Hospitalized

After custody standoff:

US Magazine: Spears A "Special Needs" patient, on a 72 hour lockdown.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Clemens "Swears" Injections were not steroids

On 60 Minutes, Sunday night.

BBC's Top 20 Selling Singles in the UK for 2007

from Idolator:

Renovations, expansion at Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas

Bryant Gumbel: Worst Sportscaster Ever?

From Jeff Bercovici's Mixed Media Blog at

Yanks: We have a shot at Santana

Um, isn't this another guy that Hank Steinbrenner said the Yanks were done with after the deadline passed during Baseball's Winter Meetings?

Hank Steinbrenner: I'm not signing Clemens for '08

I'm pretty sure he also said he wasn't going to bring back Alex Rodriguez. Wasn't that deal valued at $275 M, with bonuses that could push it north of $300 M?

Could Keyshawn join Tuna in Miami?

Oh, this would be awesome. Keyshawn Johnson and Bill Parcells together again.

Cue Peaches & Herb's "Reunited."

USA Today Winter Book Preview

Could Fred Thompson drop out, endorse McCain?

The word is that if he doesn't finish at least a close third, he'll pack it in.

Peter Golenbock to write George Steinbrenner bio

To be published in April 2009.

Weather Channel up for sale

Could go for $5 Billion. A lot of money for local weather on the 8's.

Spirit cancels Atlantic City to Las Vegas flights

A casualty of rising fuel costs:

American Casino Guide- a must for visitors (or residents) of either city:

One and Done for Cam Cameron

Dolphins once again in the market for a Head Coach.,0,3224398.story

Greg Cote, Miami Herald - Cameron deserved another season

Late night shows return stuffed with filler

Caught parts of Leno, Kimmel, Conan and Craig Ferguson, while watching all of Letterman. Gotta be honest- pretty weak... with or without writers.

NY Times:

Talk Shows Return as Strike Continues (NY Times):

Dave vs. Jay - Alan Sepinwall:

Law & Order: London

Made for British TV, but will likely end up airing in US on either USA or Bravo network.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Hillary Clinton makes surprise visit to Letterman

80s BritPop acts to tour "Here & Now"


Guardian Unlimited (UK):,,2234035,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=39

Rick Astley is one of the headliners, his official site:

Paul McCartney undergoes coronary angioplasty


Sir Paul McCartney apparently managed to have a heart surgery while staying under the radar recently, and he recovered in time to play the BBC's New Year's Eve special. The 65-year-old had a "serious but very routine" heart surgery sometime in the fall, according to British newspapers are also reporting that Sir Paul consulted a London doctor after he fell ill and was advised to undergo a coronary angioplasty. A McCartney spokesperson confirmed the procedure saying, "It was a routine medical operation."

TV Guide 2008 TV and Movie Preview