Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Don Geronimo of Don & Mike Show To Exit WJFK-FM, Retire From Radio


-DON GERONIMO made it official TODAY, telling listeners to the "DON AND MIKE SHOW" that MAY 30th will be his last day with the show. "My heart is just not in this," GERONIMO said, adding that he feels he needs to take a break from radio.
"To say DON will be missed is an understatement," said flagship WJFK/WASHINGTON SVP/GM MICHAEL HUGHES in a press release. "He delivers for his audience every single minute of every hour he's on the air and that kind of talent is hard to find. For the better part of two decades DON has kept us all entertained and engaged with his ability to tell it like it is and willingness to share the most personal of details in his own life. We'll certainly feel the absence of his sense of humor, but wish nothing but the best for him in the future."
"I want to thank CBS RADIO for standing by my side during not only the 17 years I've had the pleasure of working for them, but especially since the passing of my beloved wife, FREDA," said GERONIMO in the press relase. "As anyone who has lost a loved one knows, it's tough. But FREDA was more than my wife of 25 years and mother to our son. She was my at-home program director and an on-air participant when I needed one. She was there for the joy of my being hired at WLS, and the one to pick me up after being canned from KIIS-FM.
"We discussed our sex life on the air, for God's sake. How could I continue to do this show after this happened? It was then, and three times since, that I've tried to quit. My life has changed. Time doesn't heal all wounds, but it does help. I've got a wonderful girlfriend and we're planning our lives together. My son is graduating college, I've got three grandchildren in MINNEAPOLIS and I need a break to enjoy these times. I made this decision not because I was defeated by loss, but because I am rejuvenated by life.
"So, DAN MASON, MICHAEL HUGHES and the rest of the jolly gang have been nice enough to allow me to take a hiatus, to see what else is out there. Radio is not something I can get out of my blood. I just don't know where I fit in right now. I need to get some down time, and see what happens next. Maybe on air, maybe off air. But for a while, no air."

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Don Geronimo of WJFK-FM/Washington, DC's Don & Mike, will do his last show with the Talk outlet on Friday, May 30, after 16 years. Co-host Mike O'Meara will continue with the station hosting the self-titled "Mike O'Meara Show" from 3-7pm along with news anchor Buzz Burbank and producers Robb Spewak and Joe Ardinger.

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