Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Worst in TV 2007

from Alan Sepinwall:

I'd like to add:

CSI: NY - Desperately trying to distinguish the show as "Noo-Yawk-ish," they have a show with no chemistry among leads, and as bad as David Caruso can be on CSI: Miami, this show is at the bottom of the TiVo playlist.

ESPN - Monday Night Football and the pre- and post-game coverage, in particular. I think adding Ron Jaworski to the booth was great, he REALLY knows the game. Mike Tirico doesn't thrill me, and while I like Tony Kornheiser, somebody PLEASE tell him that MNF is NOT "The Tony Kornheiser Show." Shut up, there's a game going on.

MSNBC - Budget cuts at parent NBC have turned the network into a home for endless reruns of taped programming late nights, weekends, and holidays. Say all you want about FOX News and whether they are "Fair and Balanced" or not; I give them kudos for actually having live bodies on air while MSNBC airs the 38th replay of "Dateline: To Catch A Predator." In fact, from Monday December 24 at 3pm to Wednesday December 26 at 5am, MSNBC aired 30 minutes of live news. CNN and FOX News had live coverage, and my local affiliates didn't miss a newscast-
ESPN had SportsCenter... MSNBC was closed for business.

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